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MIRACLE WORKER!!! My back, neck, and shoulder had been neglected for so long. There had probably been an initial injury that I never addressed and chronic misuse and strain continued to compound the issue. I had tried several different methods, including physical therapy, without relief. I was in constant pain, then it dawned on me I should try Chiropractic treatment. ***I was ASTOUNDED at the results! In ONE session with Scott I felt better than I had in years! I went home in disbelief!!! All night I told my husband it was AMAZING how much better I felt. I was afraid that it might be temporary, because it had been so bad for so long -but that was not the case -it has been sustained and continues to improve. I went for another session with Scott and will do a few more to work out the last few bugs...but the difference is night and day!!! Thank you so much Scott!!! Exceeded my expectations beyond comprehension!!!  -Laura Nuzer

Many doctors and physical therapists used the word miraculous to describe how well and quickly I recovered from a burst fractured L1. I've known Scott for a bit and trusted his professionalism, so I had faith he could help me. That he did. Scott takes his time working certain muscles that need to be worked before properly adjusting what needs to be adjusted. His office is also extremely peaceful and welcoming, including aroma therapy, calming music, and fresh water. It is clear Scott takes pride in what he does and is extremely confident in his profession. If there's anyone out there that can help you relieve your pain in the most natural ways possible, it's Scott Lloyd. I would highly recommend this chiropractor to anybody for any purpose. - Daniel Snow

Dr. Lloyd is truly amazing at what he does. As someone who has chronic back and hip pain i left feeling so much better and with much less pain after just the first visit. He is completely hands on, without the aide of machines, so you can be assured that it will be a personal treatment designed for you. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! -Matt Graney

I was in a car accident 5 months ago, and was seeing another chiropractor with whom I experienced very little improvement in almost 50 visits. I had pain daily and was very limited in performing normal activities. None of my doctors could tell me when, or if, I would ever improve or return to pre-injury levels of activity.
Then I started to see Dr. Lloyd. I have seen him for 4 visits total so far, and have experienced improvements I wasn't sure were possible. I feel 70% better than I did a single week ago and have been able to do many things I wasn't able to do since the car accident. I no longer have daily pain. And I know now that I'll make a full recovery, all because of Dr. Lloyd.
Dr. Lloyd is kind, generous, well educated, and professional. I highly recommend him, frequently, to anyone and everyone.  -Jill Foster

I would most Definitely Recommend Scott to whoever needs Help! He is Extremely in Tune with the Body and with his Amazing techniques using Only his Hands, He Always goes to the Exact spot of Pain & works consistently to bring relief to your body. I myself have many issues w neck back & sciatica and they have become layered over many years of not getting to Root of problem. Scott is very wise & knowledgeable, He has great insight to your issues and problems, very patient and I can Honestly say I feel him breaking through the layers and beginning to unlock and release some issues, I have Faith in him !! Top Notch Chiropractor who Sincerely Cares about his patients and I hear All his clients walk out of his office saying the same thing, he has Hands of Gold, there is No One Like Scott! Must try just once, you will be Very Satisfied. Scott is a Blessing to those people who suffer w pain, & he Will get You back to a Good Healthy lifestyle ! Thanks Joann.  -Joann Terranova